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Mamawatoto Eco School

Composting and Plastics Upcycling

Dennis Otieno

Opportunity amid Crisis

Organic waste at informal dumping sites in east Africa currently represents a public health threat and opportunity for local farmers and informal waste pickers to create products including fuel from waste plastics and soil fertility from simple aerobic composting methods.

the sites where plastics are regularly burned and organics are consumed by grazing livestock. The problem is extensive and not well acknowledged. India and Banglore have documented health impacts on cows who graze on plastics.

Garbagemap.org & SCD Hub have been instrumental in developing extensive maps of Machakos County, Kenya focusing on documementing and increasing awareness of the public health dangers posed by public dumping, the burning of toxic plastics threat to human and animal health, and the opportunity posed by the plastic when used wisely in a non exploitative manner.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7PScfbE-PE More Than 10 Cows Die In Bangalore From Consuming Plastic Waste

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBvwAibEZ6g Pregnant cow died with 71kg of plastic waste in her stomach - Cows eating garbage in India, Mar 6, 2021

httkps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVDqIXNPGnk Off-beat Jaipur - Holi Cows vs Street Garbage (India)

Human Health

plastics in water


Precious plastics chipper

Making fuel from plastic

Musical and Poetic Education

Reuben Kipchir, Claudia Mbinda Mwende and Dennis Otieno have been doing outreach to several local Machakos schools and churches to develop hands on learning opportunities for Africa's future composters. Compost, or 'Compost Manure" has become a hot topic for young poets, singers, and dancers in Machakos and we are proud to be in a creative dialogue with them.

We welcome the exciting relationship between Studio5 Machakos and Mamawatoto Eco School. It is exciting to begin seeing more tangible uses of our Web3 wallet tests, as challenging as they have been..

Web3 Wallet Tests

Out work is currently being done with two public domain web3 software projects Algorand and Hedera Blockchains. Our goal is to make it simple for people to see their earnings, and investments into the Mamawatoto DAO. Our current wallet experiment have allowed members of the group to see how NFT metadata is used, how to use a secure web3 wallet from the web browser, and how to deploy our own customized web3 wallets, where we can incorporate program specific information to support DAO members' efforts to provide verified tradeable carbon credits to the open market. We are targeting user payments both through mpesa API, Paypal, and direct crypto payments in Polygon, Algorand, Hedera, and Stacks. Our use of L2 sidechain of Etherium.

Validator Training

Understanding of climate science is a job. Action for the collective human benefit is not easily expressed outside of the spiritual domains. By taking action with our minds first, we can step back to a 1 000 000 000 meters perspective..


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