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Mamawatoto Eco School

A way to end plastic fires.

Greg Willson

Transparency, loans, initiatives, earning, teaching, vesting and voting are part of DAO structure.

Fires are burned around the world today where waste management does not serve. These fires are so commonplace that people have generally accepted both the odor, and the comforting myth that it only gives you cancer if you smell it very strong for an extended period of time. The best solution is to make use of DAO structure.

According to our partner, Climate Credit DAO, climate

credits are exchangeable tokens backed by a strong verification

process toward ensuring that (1) credits are used once for a specific exchange,

that (2) credits compensate those that are doing the work, and not the brokers

and promoters of their actions. (3) credits don't sell out the future, rather allow

purchasers to support hands on community work with climate positive effects

in 1 ton of carbon diversion.

We are working to allow climate credit NFTs can be purchased from this website.

for now, please support our work with a purchase here: https://opensea.io/ecocommunity


Many of the existing systems which we have considered using, like Goldstandard , Moss and Offestra present unique challenges to the community development circumstances in Machakos, Njiru, and Konza Kenya February 2022

Self Verification

Communication is everything. Several companies offer the service of transacting a carbon credit from a provider ( in this case Mamawatoto Eco School, and community members participate ) Interacting with our company via:

Polygon Mumbai testnet address: 0xF9d29492B968e4e198e4020a61A7CE9FFE6eC5D2

Polkadot Testnet address; 5DXCJR8SpqVXwvy9VP9k1BMUUgkWocwhtVskUUaHgpSxqUgM

NFT tokens to track a stake in a plastic recycling & composting value stream - Ottercoin

Fundraising tokens designed to create grants for plastics resource transformation, organic waste composting , tree nurseries, and tree and flower planting and the creation of green spaces toward the future excdhange of Climate Credit NFTs

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