Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-Entrepreneurship (Environmental Conservation Businesses/Green Business) We Recycle, Reuse and Reduce pollution through making eco-friendly products, collections of reusable materials, making the most appropriate use of them to prolong their life span.  We also train youth and women groups in Eco-entrepreneurship using the SIYB-ILO business training model.

Past Activities
In 2013 we trained women and youth groups in Kitui, Busia, and Kilifi under the ILO-SNAP IPEC program creating over 150 jobs in business planning and eco-product creation namely: Eco-Handbags, Eco-Sandals, Eco-Toys, and Eco-Beadwork.

The work of Mama Watoto Self Help Group is to lead from the grassroots out of poverty. Eco-Handbags production provides a path toward self sufficient income for the pickers of plastics in Dandora Dumpsite area of Nairobi.  

 Each Eco-Handbag is carefully crafted by local artisans by hand.  They come in a variety of sizes and beautiful patterns.  

Eco-Sandals are made completely from upcycled materials diverted from modern Kenya's waste stream. Reused belts are used for strapping, repurposed automobile tire treads are used for the soles, washed cloth, beaded ornamentation and glass beading handiwork allow artisans to create the most beautiful and durable products to be found the world over.

There are several standard designs which work to keep on hand for shipment direct to our customers and donors.  If you have an idea for a design, you can make a custom request as well.  

African creatives are well known worldwide for designs that excite the mind and spirit.  We proudly present our Eco-Toys in keeping with this tradition.

Eco-Beadwork is a joy for everyone.  Our Eco-Beadwork is made from paper recovered from waste newspaper and fashioned into beautiful bracelets and necklaces available for sale.

We appreciate your interest and consideration.