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Mamawatoto Eco School

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This is not actually an image from pyrolysis, but an aluminum forge pouring muffin tin sized ingot from recycled cans.

Greg Willson

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A way to end plastic fires.

Greg Willson

Validity of Climate Action NFTs

Greg Willson

Composting and Plastics Upcycling

Current agenda: Reducing waste & creating jobs in organic waste composting and plastics reuse, resale and fuel production.

Dennis Otieno

Mamawatoto Eco School's Physical Location in Machakos, Kenya

Join us in working toward to create green circular economies.

Dennis Otieno

Confronting East Africa's Solid Waste Crisis

Taking action with simple solututions to environment and unemployment

Reuben Kipchir

Climate Action NFT Program

Dennis Otieno